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Review: The Big Cheese Tour: Allusondrugs, Lonely The Brave and Marmozets – Open, Norwich, 16/10/2014.

WP_20141016_003The last show of the Big Cheese Tour, arrived last night into Norwich, the show in what seemed the basement of the old Barclays Bank building, which is now Open, maybe the only venue where you can both rock climb and make a moshpit on the same day – this is my report from what turned out to be a pretty darn good show.

Allusondrugs opened the show, with some really interesting riffs, reckless drum beats and some amazing hairography that would make Willow Smith proud to be honest, full of energy last night this band I feel lacked chemistry with the audience and they didn’t move all that much however they did work bloody hard last night to make a connection with the crowd, with some great live work considering they are just beginning their lives on the road, one to look out for this band return to Norwich in December for a show at Epic Studios.

Lonely The Brave really haven’t changed much since I last reviewed them when they supported Mallory Knox at the Waterfront before they went to play Reading in August, however I do think the set worked so much better on this tour, working well the stylings of Marmozets who were coming up next. Some great drum work and still one of the best written albums that has been released the last year, I don’t think Lonely The Brave are going to be playing tiny venues like this forever.

But really, Marmozets, just kicked butt, there are not many bands who sound as good live as they do on record, but Marmozets really do, Becca Macintyre’s voice could lead a battle, leading some amazing sing alongs and creating a circle pit that was pretty much the size of the room. Marmozets have some amazing musicians as well, the guitars are pretty amazing live – this is a band worth seeing live, with songs like ‘Is It Horrible?’, ‘Particle’ and ‘Captivate You’ being highlights of a pretty epic set that really made this show worth it.

Marmozets are definitely a band to see live, and if you don’t own ‘The Day’s War‘ – one of the best british records of the last year, is certainly worth checking out if you haven’t already – a great selection of british talent, Big Cheese magazine did good.



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