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Review: Kingdom Of Giants – Ground Culture.

Ground Culture artwork.Kingdom Of Giants release their label debut on Monday through InVogue Records, and are a riser in their style, with a big following even before their signing – touring this Autumn/Fall with For All I Am in the US, and you can hear a whole stream of the album on Alternative Press here.

Dana Willax’s voice is really a great screaming voice and comes at you like a mad dog on every song, there’s definitely some great writing here on this album especially songs like ‘Eternal Burn’ and ‘Ground Culture’ a song that I am not surprised shares the album name, it’s ferocious from the beginning and definitely a song that would be performed great live I think.

There’s definitely some great musicians here the guitar work is really interesting, ‘Hollow Tongue’ has a really good introduction to the song and some really good work however some riffs do sound very similar, the first two songs on this album the introduction riffs sound almost the same and it feels like a lazy work, you are free to compare ‘Lion’s Mouth’ and ‘Eternal Burn’ yourself – but it was a little disappointing to me.

If anyone shines on this record however, it’s the damn drummer, Matt Mavroudis’ technique can’t be called into question, it’s almost devastating, ‘Who I Once Was’ drum runs are just relentless and ‘Sky Burial’ is similar in that way – I have no idea how this guy will do a set cos I’d be exhausted after playing this record.

Songs I’d recommend would be ‘Virtue’ – there seems to be a trend lately with putting inspirational speeches in songs, and ‘Virtue’ certainly has that from the beginning (much like No Bragging Right’s song on The Concrete Flower, Fallen Masters) – also ‘Hollow Tongue’ and ‘The Silence Mill’ are really some of the best of the band in those songs.

There’s definitely a huge amount of musicianship here, with some great writing and the drum work, it just lacks in places originality and I’m not sure what truly sets them apart however, this is really the first record on label and the right time to find out what you’re good at so you can flourish as you go along – a good debut.



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