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Review: Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter.

Slipknot-5-Album-CoverSlipknot, legends of Nu Metal really, release their new record this week through Roadrunner Records, the new album is now being completely streamed through their website, which you can find here – The Gray Chapter is is the fifth studio album from the band who go on tour next year with Korn, playing arenas across the UK.

If there’s anything about this album is that it sounds like the best parts of former albums pulled together quite well, there’s a brutality here that just doesn’t stop, ‘AOV’ just shows this near the beginning of this record and ‘Nomadic’ near the end, however there’s melody here that can be seen as soon as you begin this record with ‘XIX’ – you can tell this album has been a long time in the making and a lot of work into it, the guitars alone must have been greatly thought out, as they’re absolutely awesome, ‘The Devil In I’ definitely proves that as soon as the song begins.

The drum work on this record is relentless, again you could use ‘The Devil In I’ to support the claim, and drums are essential to ‘Killpop’ which though not as heavy as some songs on the record and one of the easiest to listen to, is still pretty dramatic and has some pretty good hooks and melodies in this song, though it feels out of place considering it’s sandwiched between two pretty ruthless songs in ‘Skeptic’ and ‘The Devil In I’ so it feels placed wrongly on this record, though most of this record easily makes sense and flows really well into one another most of the time.

The name of the album is a tribute to Paul Gray, who was the bassist for the band who passed away back in 2010, and what a tribute this record his, the first without him for six years, there’s so much variation and change on this record, but somehow it works really well together, songs like ‘Goodbye’ move from almost gentle melodies to brutal drums and guitars in minutes within the same song – I don’t think it’s particularly what you would expect from Slipknot, a blend of their best work, it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a Slipknot fan but definitely a record if you’re just beginning to listen to this band as well.



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