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Review: Mallory Knox – Asymmetry.

mallory knoxAfter hearing glimpses of this record thanks to the release of their first single, ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ we knew this record would certain be pretty relentless sound-wise, with a great chorus to boot. Live this band are pretty good as well,  with a pace that can rival a tornado – Signals, the band debut record really made it’s mark for this band, let’s see how good the follow up is. You can hear the full stream on the Guardian website here.

Lyrically, this really is how choruses should be written with some catchy lyrics that will be stuck in your head for a good while, particularly on songs like ‘Shout At The Moon’ and ‘Dying To Survive’ songs that are near the beginning of the record but it’s so clear from the beginning how easy for it is for this band to make some infectious lyrics  – this was pretty clear on Signals on songs such as ‘Beggars’ and ‘Lighthouse’ but it’s good to see this continuation on the new record.

Songs like ‘Dare You’ have some great guitar work, this is also the case on ‘Lonely Hours’ really work on this record, there’s a tremendous amount of work gone into these songs and you can tell they have really wanted to push their talent, in the article on the Guardian, Mikey Chapman is quoted as saying ‘We just want to keep climbing. I fear for the day when we sit back on our laurels and say, ‘I’m OK with where we are now’ – That’s made abundantly clear here.

There’s some great work on this record, and even though many songs are catchy, this doesn’t bring down the quality of the album, and really shows a new direction, songs like ‘She Took Him To The Lake’ are really a great display of this on the record, clocking in at around seven minutes it is a great display of everything this band do really well – there’s some great drum work on display throughout the record as well, but it’s really the words and the guitars that will capture your attention on this album with some exemplary work going on here.

Keep making records like this they’ll be in arenas in no time. (I’m rooting for them being support for that All Time Low/You Me At Six tour, it would be perfect) – British rock at some of it’s best right here, Mallory Knox are on tour with Moose Blood, Frank Iero and Fort Hope next month.



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