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Review: Young Statues – Flatlands Are Your Friend.

tumblr_inline_nbr3lbja6x1qzxlbnYoung Statues, the indie rock quartet that hail from Philadelphia, release their new album through Run For Cover Records  this week. Brought to my attention due to one of their early songs, ‘Bumble Bee’ an acoustic sound from the beginning, this record certainly is a different direction from those earlier days, with more electric vibes and indie hooks on display from the beginning.

The guitars on songs ‘Got The Knife’ and ‘Don’t Fight The Mirage’ are really interesting, with different sounds coming through that work really well on this album, particularly the intros for the songs however the drums are just as important, though some may consider them simplistic, but this really works on this album, songs like ‘Strangers In A Dream’ really make this stand out, this is also the case on songs like ‘Run The River Dry’ and ‘No Shadows’ these songs really make the case for the drums on this album.

Lead singer’s Carmen Cirignano’s voice works really well on this record, though it sounds different from previous releases, however this band do work well together on this record and so it’s not really a bad thing, I like how ‘Flood’ works, and ‘Don’t Fight The Mirage’ has a catchiness to it, that is easy to like and really is brought to your attention through his voice – I think this band work together well and it’s really shown on this record.

On a lyrical level, I think this is a record that is particularly bespoke to this band and really is tailored well to the strengths of the musicians, the musicians in this band really make a good foundation for the lyrics to rest upon, songs like ‘Further Away’ for example really make that clear, the songs here sometimes don’t feel like they work together, but when they do it really works on this record, ‘Ain’t A Bad Thing To Lose’ also is a good example of a really well made song on this record.

There’s definitely highlights on this record and they are very easy to find, it’s not particularly clichéd either and reminds me of recent release by bands such as From Indian Lakes for example, the use of sound is really good on this record, ‘White Noise’ is one of my favourites tracks and displays this well – worth listening to the layers beneath the vocalist because they aren’t like anything I’ve heard elsewhere.

You can find a stream of the album here.


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