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Review: The Get Real Tour: Silence, The Defiler, Oceans Ate Alaska, Like Moths To Flames, The Color Morale and The Word Alive – Epic Studios, Norwich – 24/10/2014.

WP_20141024_002Last night was a good show with some really good bands playing together, some shone more than others. Local support Silence, The Defiler, really had a great show with some vocals that sounded so good in that venue, it sounded like he was lip syncing (he definitely wasn’t) and some really good guitar work which made them stand out greater than some of the bands that we paid to see last night.

Oceans Ate Alaska, though had some technical difficulties were ok, I’m not sure what made Fearless think this band stood out for them, granted they have a very polished live show, but there’s bands in America who sound similar, and when lead singer, James Harrison in the middle of the set said, ‘let’s just get this over and done with’ – it doesn’t inspire you – there’s some great singing but the screaming doesn’t feel it works and it doesn’t blend well sometimes, the vocalist has a great screaming voice and the riffs the have are really good, it’s just a band I need to be more convinced about.

Like Moths To Flames strode out pretty confidently, and played fantastically live, gain there were some technical issues and that affected the show a little, but they really got the crowd moving, songs like ‘I Solemnly Swear’ and ‘GNF’ stood out for me during the short set, The Color Morale who followed them were also very good, and the singalongs were pretty strong,  ‘Strange Comfort’ and ‘Suicide; Stigma’ for example were highlights and worth waiting for. The Color Morale’s new album is really good and that definitely showed last night.

The Word Alive played an excellent set and really pushed the crowd higher than the support, and probably what you would ask for in a live show, with an energy really unmatched, songs like ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Never Forget’ really were epic, with some great choruses and some really great drums, this band were much better than the last time I saw them play supporting Pierce The Veil last year and the songs on the new album are a new direction it seems for the band.

It was a good show and some good bands, tech let them down a little and some bands need to work on it a little bit longer.


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