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Review: Man Overboard – Passing Ends EP.

tumblr_inline_nc08mfwyOD1qzxlbnMan Overboard, who are preparing to release their next album through Rise Record and in preparation for this, their new EP, ‘Passing Ends’ will be released in advance of that on the 28th October, and is being exclusive streamed on the Billboard site right now which you can find at this link.

The acoustic vibe on this record really works perfectly on this EP from the beginning, ‘Stood Up’ and ‘Twenty Years’ really are some perfectly crafted songs that work well to Man Overboard’s sound – Man Overboard recorded this EP in the same place as they recorded earlier work like ‘Love Your Friends, Die Laughing’ and that doesn’t surprise me listening to this EP – as it’s definitely a throwback to their earlier work.

There’s some good work written here, with some great choruses and some really well written work, it’s really quite typical Man Overboard writing to be honest, but that’s not particularly a bad thing when they figure out records so damn well and if this is the direction of the album then I’m not too worried about it, songs that stand out are ‘For Vince’ and ‘Passing Ends’ writing wise, but this a good sample altogether of what is to come from this band I hope.

Wel written and there’s some great melodies on this EP and if you’re a fan you’ll definitely like this EP, made with great style and easy to listen to, it would probably be one of the records I’d recommend to someone if they wanted to start listening to Man Overboard – they’re doing a few free acoustics in the US for this, I’d definitely go if I could to hear these songs, it will be damn worth it.



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