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Review: Cut Teeth – Night Years.

unnamed (1)The Chicago four piece which was borne out of neccesity due to the bands they were all in breaking up or going on hiatus, for example The Felix Culpa and Monday’s Hero,  release their LP through Topshelf Records, who have an incredible wealth of talent on the label and you can hear a complete stream of the album on the Alternative Press website – the link of which you can find here.

There’s definitely a melting pot of styles here, which don’t remind of many other bands, the riffs are as soon you open this record are really unique particularly on songs like, ‘Christmas On Easter Island’  and ‘Gunshot and Fireworks’ really set this album apart from their peers, I’ve not really heard anything like it, you can certainly tell this band have brought a variety of different perspectives to this record and thankfully it really does work for them.

The drum work lays a solid foundation throughout the record for each song, ‘Between Death & Taxes’ makes that really clear and there’s some really interesting parts to songs that have been done before but somehow this band have made it unique in their own way, particularly ‘Rehearsal Dojo’ for example that really is distinctive, the vocals on this record are also really good with strong performance from the vocalist from the very beginning of the album though two highlights are from near the end ‘King Of The Mountain: A Romance Novel’ vocally is one of the highlights on the album.

There’s definitely a great and unique sound to the record and definitely worth giving a listen, it’s certainly different from others in their genre but really works perfectly together, these are certainly not four people who are bored of making music and I look forward to any more records they make in the future.



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