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Review: Taylor Swift – 1989.

Taylor-Swift-1989Taylor Swift’s follow up to, ‘Red’ the album that really pushed into another stratusphere last year, has now released 1989, we’ve heard, ‘Shake It Off’ about a million times on radio, television, anywhere with a speaker, and now the complete record has been released this week.

I think one thing for certain is that the thing well and truly shaken off is Taylor’s country roots, with electronicand pop beats as soon as you open the album, ‘Welcome to New York’ and ‘Blank Space’ are certainly evidence of that – it’s definitely the case she’s been going to back to the eightie’s for some of her new songs and it doesn’t sound all that bad, no matter her genre, Swift can write a chorus and that’s self evident here.

I think if anything, Taylor Swift’s record are images of herself, and this seems a very different perspective of her, with a much less ‘nice girl’ perspective that a lot of people hold her up for, it’s a very honest record, maybe she’s now got to the point in her success where really, does it matter what she does now? And I think this may have pushed her to do some bold and new things and to me that’s certainly that’s paid off.

Catchy choruses sort of are her forte, ‘Shake It Off’ is one hell of a pop song, that even my nan is singing it, ‘Out Of The Woods’ works really well, and ‘Bad Blood’ are just examples but really this works throughout the record – Bad Blood has some amazing drum beats on it and if you expected typical Taylor Swift with her guitar and stuff, you are going to be bitterly disappointed at this record.

That dude that said Taylor Swift can’t sing in her song ‘Mean’ back in the day, must feel like such a twat right now, ‘How You Get The Girl’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ really show her vocals to the best, and that critic couldn’t be more wrong right now.

I think it’s a revolution in her sound and certainly works for her and Swift’s writing – I suspect this album will lead to another phenomenon, for me the highlights are ‘I know Places’ ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Welcome To New York’ – a great blend of electronica, blended vocals and produced perfectly, each song working together perfectly, this is kind of how you wanna pull off a change of direction.

I found a stream here of the record.



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