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Review: Animal – Instinct.

540374_1530319657212148_7936853630399542139_nAlbany’s Animal release their EP this week via We Are Triumphant Records, Animal are considered distinctive within their genre, one critic saying they can’t be defined to one genre, however for me it’s pretty clear with the sound they make, this band certainly know how to scream and use a drum kit, time to give this EP a proper listen.

The sound of this EP really is unique compared to other screamo and metal bands, with a distinctive vocalist voice who sounds empassioned and really does bring it on this record, the layers on this record really blend well with the vocals and make this EP stand out – vocalist Sean Loucks sounds like he’s screaming to save his life making for a pretty intense sound on this EP from the very beginning. Songs like Dark Room and Sick really stand out with interesting sounds which work really well together.

The drum work on these songs are pretty reckless and go hard from the start of the record with some fast paced work, Worthless really works to that as the drum comes in, they are so hard to ignore, Nick Manzella really brings it on throughout the record and these matched with the guitars really push this EP into some make this EP work really incredibly – it is hard to define them as something specific but it’s certainly some really intriguing metal and hardcore work going on, I’m not sure.

Definitely an intriguing EP to release with some great beats and melodies that really make this EP really original in whatever genre they’re in, it will be interesting to see what this band to do next with the sound.

You can check out Animal on Facebook.



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