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Review: Major League – There’s Nothing Wrong With Me.

53eb93617d83fNew Jersey natives, Major League release new album ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Me’ this week via No Sleep Records, who have some pretty damn good musicians on their label, with Major League being one of them – currently on the ‘Honeymoon’ tour with Mayday Parade and Tonight Alive, this band certainly have picked a good tme to release the new record.

There’s some good sounds here from the start with a really essential space for drum work here, which are pretty clear from the beginning of the album that give the record some good style, ‘Graves’ and ‘Pillow Talk’ are two good examples on the album of this, with some really great riffs partnered with these drums however it’s difficult for me to say how original this record is in a scene that is now saturated with bands that seem very similar to this band, however songs like Kaleidoscopes really work the guitars to breaking point and really start the record on to something that really stands out.

Vocally, this album really works with well the sounds on the record, ‘Just As I Am’ and ‘Recovery’ really show some really strong work and though lyrically they’re both pretty emotional songs, they really show the strength of the band, and I am really not surprised, thinking of some Mayday Parade songs, that they are on tour with them, particularly with these songs and ‘Montreal’ – the second half of the album really works well bands like Mayday Parade, ‘Little Eyes’ works well too – it’s definitely record that is adaptable to work with many bands and should go down well on a live tour like this one.

This album is good with some great work that does show the strengths of the band, for fans of bands like Real Friends and Neck Deep for example, there’s some great lyrical work and some excellent riffs however it’s difficult to really set them apart from others in their genre, however there’s a great adaptability to the record that will allow them to really show some of their work to the greatest potential live – you can hear a complete stream of the record on the Alternative Press website.



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