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Review: Have Mercy – A Place Of Our Own.

HaveMercy-cover art A Place Of Our OwnBaltimoreans, Have Mercy a few days ago released their new album, ‘A Place Of Our Own’ – last record ‘The Earth Pushed Back’ is critically acclaimed, and so this album has high expectations – you can hear the new record on the Alternative Press site here – formed in 2011 after returning from college, Have Mercy have been building a fanbase and are currently on tour with Real Friends, Neck Deep and Cruel Hand across the US.

‘A Place Of Our Own’ opens up with ‘To Convey’ which really does convey to me, some dramatic flair with some great use of vocals and some really crashing guitars, that really build the tension on the record. ‘Howl’ – which is one of their singles really is a good reflection of the album with all the traits that really make this record unique – this band really have made some great sounds to accompany the lyrics on this record and it really does fit perfectly.

Lyrically, the strongest songs are ‘The Place You Love’ ‘Howl’ and ‘Pawn Takes Rook’ however this record really is about telling a story and seeing it unfold, which makes it feel a very personal record and almost feels like oversharing when you think about it – it’s poetic and lyrical which works perfectly on the guitars that really stand out other than words on this record – this record is real and authentic, which does feel like this band have stuck to their roots and it’s certainly paid off.

There’s some real slow pieces on this record that are simple but work really well, ‘Inch By Inch’ and ‘Nails And Teeth In Pavement’ are great songs though which kinda work well the more fast paced songs, but sometimes it feels like two records and not really a whole complete one at all, that’s my one issue with it. It’s a great record with some sophistication which work perfectly with the bands they are currently on tour with, definitely worth a listen if you like bands like Real Friends or Modern Baseball.



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