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Review: Able Archer – The Trouble With Strangers EP.

trouble_coverAble Archer, a five-piece from Ireland release their new EP on the 3rd of November, critically acclaimed for their debut Bullets, Able Archer return with their second EP The Trouble With Strangers – with first EP being how they found their feet musically this EP does look to advance the sound of the band.

The EP is well produced and certainly has some great sounds on it, Ghostmaker, the opening track on the EP has some really great beats and a really catchy and easy to remember chorus that will make it a great song to play live, there’s a variety of sounds however on this EP, second song on the EP isn’t at all like Ghostmaker with a haunting and melodic synth sound, The Warden feeling more rooted in their love for Depeche Mode and Ghostmaker more the Soundgarden sound they claim to have.

Only Love continues in the fashion with some interesting work on display, the use of vocals on this EP is really used well and the use of melodies made really capture your ear’s attention, and the use of drums really makes a huge difference, really creating the sound for this EP, The Descent really is a good example of this as well with Emmet McCaughey’s vocals really standing out throughout the EP, especially on Ghostmaker with a rough vocal sound that meshes really well with the music.

This EP certainly builds on the great foundation this band had from their debut EP with some great style, there’s style sound development, but it does still feel the band still aren’t sure of the direction they want to go in, however they have no need to be in a rush with a wealth of talent here, Only Love and Ghostmaker being highlights from a short but continously excellent EP – worth checking out if you’re in Ireland as they play shows across their home country all through November.

You can find out more about Able Archer through their facebook and find all their tour dates in the same place.



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