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Review: Trophy Eyes – Mend, Move On.

TrophyEyes_CVR_FNLTrophy Eyes, the New South Wales natives release their debut tomorrow through Hopeless Records, you can listen to a complete stream on the Kerrang! website right now at this link and listen to the whole thing in it’s glory. The band will be touring with Neck Deep in the UK next year giving you the opportunity to hear some of this record live.

As soon as this record begins, this album goes pretty bloody heavy, with opening track, My Name On Paper vigorous with it’s pace, with some brutal guitars and drum beats that hit you in the ears like a bullet, there’s a more unique sound here compared to peers that makes this record worth giving a listen to. Come Clean follows in that manner with a rough and ready with a sound that would definitely sound perfect in a strreet fight with a tumultous sound which gives the record a raw sound.

The singer’s voice, John Floreani has a visceral voice that works really well with the sound made by the band, songs like Family Name and Responsibility And Structure, which really do accentuate the vocals of the singer, but reallys brings forth the good musicians in this band as well. In Return, the lead single also really displays all this too, with a bringing together of some great melodies and some vocals that really just bring this song together with sophistication. (Well, in a pop punk way of course).

This band really do a set a high standard for this genre, with a debut album that some bands only dream of, worth listening to for some raw guitars and some vocals that would give a normal human a really sore throat, there’s some really great sounds on this album, with a mix of vocal stylings that really work well on this record, the execution of this is pretty damn good, and worth giving a listen if you like bands such as Cruel Hand, Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck, which makes that tour next year perfect for them.

You can purchase the new album from tomorrow.



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