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Review: Great Sale Day – Wild And Chunky.

Album ArtworkMembers of now gone band, Your Demise and Basement who took hiatus for a while up until the making of the Further Sky EP, have made a record together, Wild and Chunky, which gets released on November 10th via Close To Home Records, with a mix of nineties alternative and the different styles of each band working well together.

The vocals are definitely are a throwback to when I was a kid, with a nineties feeling from the beginning with songs like ‘Up In The Clouds’ which really does take that vibe and run with it, with a great chorus and a catchy beat, it’s definitely one of the highlights on the album with a certain catchiness to it, that makes you wanna stick the track on repeat, this is certainly the case on ‘Best Friends’ as well.

Musically, there’s some really awesome sounds here on this record, though it lacks the often seriousness of the bands the members are known for, there’s some great riffs on this album, ‘Wake Up’ is a simple song, however the guitars work really affectively with the song, whereas ‘Act 1 Scene 2: Romance Is Dead’ the work is a lot more fast paced and you can just tell these people know what they’re doing. The whole record works really well together and they clearly had an idea of what they wanted to make in this record and definitely achieved it.

These songs are certainly short but sweet and worth listening if you like the bands they’re members of, but it’s also worth it, if you’re a rookie as well, with songs that really stick out on this record, with some great vocals, well written songs and some musicians that work really well together. It’s kind of shocking that this is their first record in some ways, but it’s a good foundation. Songs that stand out to me are ‘Up In The Clouds’, ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Great Sale Day’ – standing out on a record that is pretty consistently good though sometimes it feels a little samey going through the record however there are highlights here that really make this record worth it.





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