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Review: Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds.

Bloodstone_&_Diamonds_album_coverBloodstone & Diamonds, is the new record from Machine Head, who are generally known for being unabashed hitting your eardrums with baseball bats when it comes to their sound, and it’s released today here in the UK. Machine Head are on tour across the UK through December.

Don’t let that violin introduction at the beginning fool you that this is going to be a sedate record, this album is pretty damn tough as soon as those violins are done with, ‘Now We Die’ is ruthless from the beginning with typically brilliant vocals from this band with a rough and unabashed voice that really works well with the record from the start – there are changes in melodies that really break up this record perfectly too.

The guitars are pretty darn good on this record, with some riffs that are just ruthless, songs like ‘Killers And Kings’ and ‘Night Of Long Knives’ are really quite visceral with the sound and partnered with the drums on this records makes this album really stand out, there’s certainly a talent that is continuing on their albums for heavy sounds but a way with sound that really balance the heavy and the light melodies, that this record does well.

Machine Head are known for their consistency with some great releases in the past and I don’t think much has changed on this record, with a great fusion of sounds on this record, after some tough legal issues, this is a hell of a record to pull out of the bag – worth listening to if you like metal, really, as it’s a great example of a metal record, listen to ‘Killers & Kings’ ‘Eyes Of The Dead’ and for the changes in melodies and sound ‘In Comes The Flood’ the drop being really quite unexpected, this is also the case on ‘Damage Inside’.

I just can’t imagine really how a metal album can beat this, this year, it’s that good, it works perfectly together, it has amazing musicians and awesome vocals and lyrics, this is really how a metal album should be done.

You can find a stream for the album on the Kerrang! website here.



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