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Review: Hold Tight! – I Always Leave But Never Say Goodbye EP.

PromoImageHold Tight! Who hail from Virginia released their new EP a couple of weeks ago now, have been growing a fanbase for a while, are a pop punk band and considering how well that side of the American coast do that style of music, with a huge amount of pop punk bands coming from the East Coast of the US.

Opener on the EP, ‘Why Change Now?’ really sets the scene on the EP with some great guitars and some really good lyrical work which has some catchy choruses and really works with the guitars that go pretty heavy on this opening track, this song followed by ‘I Know’ are both excellent with their own touch to a genre that is really busy a lot of the time, with a consistent barrage of sound that really makes this EP stand out.

Hold Tight! Have a good grasp of melody which is seen throughout the EP and really does show, the lyrics are simple but catchy, but the music is really good, songs like ‘Reacting’ and ‘Waterlogged’ stand out, but there’s nothing particularly bad on this EP at all, and it’s not shocking they picked ‘I Always Leave But Never Say Goodbye’ as the title for the EP as the breakdowns and writing are some of the best on the record.

This band make it difficult to be honest to compare them to bands, but if you like bands such as Real Friends and Man Overboard, then you’ll probably like this band as they have a good combination of those styles, but even then this band have a lot of original work with melody that really makes those comparisons difficult. Hold Tight! through this EP have shown a lot of promise and are definitely worth a listen, sounds like an EP that would sound good live and really would pull in a crowd.

If you like catchy choruses and some really stand out guitars this EP is really a good call, you can certainly tell this is a band with a lot of experience in making records, certainly who need a bit more attention as I think what they’re doing they’re doing very well.

You can find Hold Tight! on Facebook and find their records on Bandcamp.



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