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Review: Choir Vandals – At Night EP.

PromoImage (4)St Louis natives, Choir Vandals who are currently on tour with Dads across the US with Tiny Moving Parts released their EP at the end of October, At Night, you can find a stream of the EP through Absolute Punk here.

There’s some great guitars at work from the beginning with some really raw guitar riffs that flow excellently throughout the EP, particularly on the first two songs, ‘Monster’ and ‘Medicate’ however this is abundant through out the EP, with the vocals on the EP really working well with the music with an angsty and rough vocal layered over the top of the music, this is shown best on the third track, ‘At Night In The Rain’.

The EP is put together well and really is well produced – it’s also really well written with some great lines and there’s some good choruses here, but the music really is the thing that will draw you here, as it’s really highlighted through the EP, the vocal work really well with the music but the drums are excellent here giving some good melodies to partner with the guitars, this is really displayed well on ‘Monsters’ the first song on the record.

There’s definitely a great consistency here with some really goods throughout with some good melodies and some really good vocals that make this EP very easy to listen to and I think it’s interesting to listen to with alternative melodies and a really raw technique to it, this EP is certainly worth a listen if you like the bands they’re currently on tour with, it’s an EP that grows on you, with every listen you’ll be glad you own it.



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