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Review: Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways.

foo-fighters-sonic-highways-410Sonic Highways, the new offering from legends of rocks really, Foo Fighters was released this week. The new record made in different cities across America hence the name is a much anticipated record after a couple of year passing since the last record, Wasting Light – and based on the taste we’ve had from songs we’ve heard already, this is a record that sounds good so far.

This band really have made something pretty exceptional here, ‘The Feast And The Famine’ has some amazing riffs and some great lyrical work, this album really unfolds into a great album even if it considered short by some with only eight tracks making the album, Damn this album is gonna be so good live when they tour it, it’s just made so well, each layer really working together to make each thing work – there’s some good choruses but there’s depth here that really Foo Fighters do really well.

Guitar work threaded through the record in songs such as ‘Outside’ and ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ are pretty intense, however this band have crafted throughout the record some amazing melodies, that is reminiscent in in some ways o the best of former records like ‘Echoes, Silence Patience and Grace’ and ‘In Your Honor’ for example and it certainly shows, this is a band who can make an album and certainly worth a listen if you’re a lifelong fan, but also if you’re just wanting to find a record to begin listening to this band as it’s a bringing together of their finest points.

Sometimes, it’s a little repetitive, just listen to ‘In The Clear’ you will never forget the name of that song, trust me, but there’s great music and songs here with really have a raw and brilliant vibe to them which really does work for this band, and they are consistent with the sound, each song works really well together, it’s not edgy or new, I guess it’s prodigious in that respect, but it’s pretty darn good and the band really play to their strengths, fans won’t be disappointed.

Songs that stand out for me are ‘The Feast And The Famine’, ‘Subterranean’ and ‘What Did I Do?/God As My Witness’ and certainly worth a listen. You can hear Sonic Highways completely over on Deezer.



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