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Review: Aspiga – What Happened To You?

PromoImage (5)New Jersey natives, Aspiga a couple of weeks ago released ‘What Happened To You?’ – their new album, known for a punk vibe, Aspiga have some classy guitars and interesting vocals that work well together, you can listen to their new album on their bandcamp and see what I’m talking about.

There’s certainly a unique sound to this record with some great riffs that work really well on this record, particularly on songs like ‘Wide Eyes’ which has a real alternative and punk sound to it, that really goes through the whole record with a really good consistency throughout this record that makes it clear that this band have experience with the sound they make.

Vocalist Kevin Day (Corrected, apologies) certainly has a unique voice, that really works with the alternative sound reminscent of the nineties grungey voices that were popular then, I think it’s also has a lot of good writing, songs that stand out to me are ‘Beneath Atlas’ and ‘Errand Boy’ which really has a great introduction to the song and really unique sound, that is shown from the beginning to the end of the album. The drum beats on songs like on ‘Errand Boy’, ‘You’re OK’ and ‘On Deaf Ears’ really highlight that.

I think this is a good record which wears it’s influences on it’s sleeves with some good beats and unique sounds that really display some talent, however it feels sometimes a little laboured and feels there needs to be a bit more drive behind the record, however it’s a good effort from a band with a lot of experience in a style where they do set themselves apart from others and show in a lot of ways on this record that they aren’t afraid of melodies at all.



2 thoughts on “Review: Aspiga – What Happened To You?

  1. When you review a song it is important to know the band. On guitar and vocals is Kevin Day not Ray. Alec is bass and Ray on drums.

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