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Review: Conquering Rome – To Put Aside A Grudge.

a3335619163_2Virginia Alternative band, Conquering Rome released ‘To Put Aside A Grudge’ recently, as fans of early nineties music you can see their influences in their album and you can hear the album on their bandcamp, which you can find here.

There’s some good guitars from the beginning of this record, which start this record off well, they grow through the album as well with opener, the eponymous track, ‘To Put Aside A Grudge’ and then continuing on songs ‘At Least K-Town Has My Back’, the riffs working well with the drumwork on this album making it all work really well together – it’s a shame the sound quality here is a little off as I think this would be more clear on this record.

The writing is good here, and there are definitely highlights on this record which give the melodies a run for their money, ‘August Rush’ and ‘Peter Parker’ really display the angst of life, and there’s songs here that have some good choruses here as well, ‘At Least K-Town..’ has one of the best choruses on the record, however the writing is pretty good throughout the record with a good balance of songs and hooks that work really well together, as the album flows well throughout.

There’s some short but sweet songs on this record that really accentuate the strengths for me on this record, they have some grounding especially from a punk perspective and you can see the influences they have, for a debut album it is a pretty good foundation record that they should be proud of.

If you’re a fan of Motion City Soundtrack and maybe The early work of The Wonder Years, you’ll probably like this record, there’s a do-it-yourself quality to the record that makes it quite similar – there’s some great songs here and some solid musicians that will keep this band relevant.


You can find out more about the band through facebook and Twitter.


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