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Review: In This Moment – Black Widow.

inthismomentblackwidowIn This Moment, led by Maria Brink have released some tracks recently from their new album, ‘Black Widow’, and have really shown how good this album could be with their single, ‘Sick Like Me’ being released, Brink was also featured recently on the new Motionless In White record where her vocals are one of the highlights of the record, giving this album hype before it’s release on November 17th.

Brink’s vocals through this record have such a great range and work perfectly on this album particularly on songs like ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ and ‘Dirty Pretty’ this album’s writing is just perfect for her and works with the music so brilliantly, and one of those records that would be just good to hear live as I think it would certainly really work in a live show as it will draw people in with the writing of these songs – ‘Black Widow’ the title song is really catchy, this whole album just has a great balance of depth but also a catchy vibe that anyone could like.

Musically, this record has some great drops and melodies that work really well together, single ‘Sick Like Me’ is a display of this with those hammering drums from the beginning of the song that really makes you pay some attention to the record, this also the case on songs like ‘The Fighter’ which has some great piano work that really changes the pace of the record perfectly on this, this record is dramatic and has riffs that really work excellently on this record.

Collaborations with Brent Smith from Shinedown on ‘Sexual Hallucination’ really works well, and just how to do a collaboration, it’s hard to find anything I don’t like about this record to be honest, it illustrates all the strengths this band have and really brings them together in a collaborative effort. Maria Brink’s voice is extraordinary throughout this record and musically it works perfectly with it, and the writing is good throughout the recording, giving this album drama all the way.

You can find a stream of the record on Loudwire now and it’s certainly worth a listen.



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