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Review: Glamour Of The Kill – After Hours EP.

Glamour_Of_The_Kill_After_HoursAfter Hours, the new EP from quartet Glamour Of The Kill will be released on November 17th, with collaborations with Craig Mabbit and Jacoby Shaddix, there’s clearly a great amount of talent going into this EP, the release comes with news of Glamour Of The Kills first headline tour in the UK next year.

This EP at the beginning has a classic rock edge, with the vocals and guitars being a throwback to those kind of guitars from rock bands in the eighties, this is particularly shown in ‘Lights Down’ which really has a riff that rocks within it and combined with Richmond’s vocals works really well together and the first song on the EP is really catchy and certainly a song that people will join in singing with.

The collaborations on this EP, ‘Out Of Control’ is really well written and definitely one of the highlights with a very visceral sound and the two singers vocals work really well together and has a great melody to it, that fits perfectly on this EP particularly after previous song ‘We Are All Cursed’ which really makes it easier for this song to fit on this EP. ‘Earthquake’ the collaboration with Craig Mabbit is also pretty epic with a good chorus and definitely one to play live.

There’s definitely some great work here, with some great guitars but do begin to feel kinda similar as the EP goes on, the collaborations are certainly worth a listen and Lights Down is certainly the highlight on this EP with some great retro sounds here with some good writing that will get stuck in your head – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, but I don’t think you’ll be excited about it, it’s a good EP with some bold sounds and great collaboration which really I feel this EP is made for.

You can listen to the new EP on the Kerrang! site here.



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