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Review: The Ropes – Sadness Is The Rich Man’s Drug.

a1542447528_2The Ropes who make alternative minimalist punk, released their new EP last week, the three tracks making ‘Sadness Is The Rich Man’s Drug’ – the duo that formed in 2007, have a few EP’s now and have a unique style to their music which really shows on an EP like this even if it’s only ten minutes long.

The Eponymous track has an ethereal sound to it, with minimal lyrics that really work with the music and this is really something that is continous throughout the EP with a dedication to the melody and not the words, however there is a chilled groove to this EP that makes it really easy on the ear and makes you want more of the same – there’s definitely talent here of creating melody.

The highlight here when it comes to melody and writing is definitely ‘I Am The Last Ghetto’ which really works perfectly, with a great drum beat and a synth sound that works with vocalist’s Sharon Shy’s voice, it can be a little repetitive in places, however to be honest with their style it’s really kind of expected with a concentration on the sound over the lyrics and that’s definitely seen here on this EP.

You can purchase the EP through their bandcamp, and it’s certainly worth a listen, one of the most interesting EP’s I’ve heard all year, The Ropes know how to make their own kind of music.



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