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Review: Adaliah – Shedding Skin.

PromoImage (6)Hardcore band, Adaliah release their album today, Shedding Skin through Mediaskare Records, and you can hear a complete stream of the record on Alternative Press right now from this link.

Adaliah certainly got the melody thing nailed from the beginning with some really great sounds from the start of the album, this album opens quietly, but the vocals on this record certainly wake you up from that delusion after about a minute with some raw vocals and some riffs that work well and not at all cliche for this genre, with some really unique melodies throughout the record, particularly on tracks like ‘Ghosts’ and ‘New Days’.

Lyrically, it’s emotive and angsty, with some great lines, ‘Break Or Bleed’ has the line ‘Cause everyday I’m fucking losing my mind, and waking up is such a goddamn waste of my time’ but there’s more highlights than that on here with some really good lyrics throughout this record. ‘Shedding Skin’ also stands out, and so does ‘Death’s Counterfeit’ which really blends the aggressive vocals and the riffs within the song perfectly. It’s a raw record and a great debut, it’s definitely worth a listen if you like an album where you could make a mosh in your bedroom if you wanted with this album. The drum work is also really stand out and really gives the record some grooves – this is a record that live will just kill it.

Adaliah have certainly have done a lot of good things on this record with some really unique work going on here, with some definitely great melodies and some good writing that really consolidates the album, definitely one of the better hardcore albums I’ve heard this year, from a band that is just beginning to have a growing fanbase, there’s definitely a lot of talent here.




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