Tumblr Tuesday!

Tumblr Tuesdays: Superhaunted.

shFloridian band, Superhaunted are my focus for this week, as they begun to follow me on Tumblr during the week and announced they released their debut album,  ‘No, Nothing, Nevermind’ you can find streaming on Bandcamp – where you can download the record.

Described as many things including Emo, alternative and Math Pop, Superhaunted’s album really brings together some good riffs and some grooves that work really well, particularly on ‘.22’ which they made a music video for recently, ‘Wishing Well’ also stands out on their album and ‘Anaconda Squeeze’ however the whole record is pretty good with an eclectic mix of sounds and melodies that this band really make work throughout (though sometimes the vocals feel a little drowned by the noises they’re making).

The album is well produced and brought together well, it really shows they’ve been in bands before as it sounds like they know what they’re doing – the band being made up of former members of different bands and have only been together since the spring of this year, the vocals though they seem quiet are good and the guitarists on the album really stand out from the beginning to the end of the record.

You can learn more about Superhaunted from Facebook and Tumblr – where they don’t mind answering questions, worth a listen if you like interesting riffs and vocals, like Foals or You Blew It! for example, this band certainly made a debut record that really does stand out.  Superhaunted do a lot of shows, if you live in Florida or nearby, I’m sure they’ll be playing soon near you.


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