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Review: Soldiers Of A Wrong War – Slow.

10666066_10152260220045728_5159457522202297052_nItalian rockers, Soldiers Of A Wrong War release their mini – album in December, with seven tracks that are highly anticipated, released as a deluxe version with their EP, this EP is riff laden and definitely worth giving a listen. You can hear a complete stream of the record on Punk Archive here.

The eponymous track, ‘Slow’ is definitely worth a listen with catchy choruses and solid guitar work throughout the song, which is certainly a theme that runs through the EP, particularly on ‘Walls’ for example. There’s definitely a lot of talent in this band and it shows they’ve honed their craft on this EP, with catchy songs and beats throughout the record which really work well with their vocalist.

Slow is written incredibly well, ‘Believe This’ and ‘Slow’ are good examples of this, with some really good tracks and the band certainly know how to write a chorus, and that shows throughout the record but there’s also a good depth to the album with a good balance here – this is all works really well together with the guitars that really are the thing to look out for on this EP and with some really good drum grooves that work so well on this mini-album.

This EP is really good with some great hooks, beats and melodies that really bring this album together really well, there’s a lot of style here and a well produced mini-album which really does show the expertise going on in this record, showing off each layer really well, particularly the riffs and the vocals created by the band, you can learn about the band who have a growing fanbase on facebook who have a growing fanbase and with this I won’t be surprised it won’t grow further after this new release.

Definitely a band to check out if you like some really great melodies,



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