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Review: Circa Survive – Descencus.

circa1Descensus, the new offering from Circa Survive comes out on the 24th, via Sumerian Records, after recently releasing the deluxe version of last record Violent Waves as a deluxe version, Descencus being the follow up to their 2012 album. You can listen to a stream of the album completely on the Alternative Press Website here.

The sound is different from last record, and really has a huge force behind it, with some great riffs that work amazingly well, ‘Child Of The Desert’ and ‘Schema’ – which has one of the oddest music videos I’ve seen, have some great riffs and have a raw sound to them which really works with the vocals on these tracks and really set this album up well – and that sound goes throughout the album.

The writing is good too and has some great melodies, which feel so much better on this record than the last with a lot more energy behind them and a lot more interesting sounds that really set it apart, particularly on songs like ‘Only The Sun’ which really brings the together a lot of the strengths I see on this record. It’s a really well produced record with the songs really working well together throughout the record, still keeping that original ethereal sound that Circa Survive do well – this is clear on songs like ‘Nesting Dolls’.

This record really is progress from last record, and has some excellent sounds and riffs particularly at the beginning of the album, a good combination Circa Survive’s traditional spacey sound and some really good writing and production which really set it apart from the last record. Tracks that stand out are Schema, Child Of The Desert and Quiet Down, whic is anything but doing that on this record, however this record sounds really good throughout and not at all like a chore.



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