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Review: Paramore – Self Titled Deluxe.

9T7eMssThere is no doubting to me, that the the album is really good, with unique beats on songs like ‘Fast In My Car’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ the first 17 songs on this record are pretty darn excellent and well worth the wait after waiting years for a new Paramore record after changes to the lineup, something I think this album really reflects on.

Though Joy Williams additional vocals on ‘Hate To Say Your Heartbreak’ are beneficial track, but there’s nothing particularly new, I kind of expected something new brought to the song, it’s kinda like Karaoke with your own song, I guess – so much could have been done to this song and it lacks anything particularly new, but her vocals do work Hayley’s vocals on this record.

The new original songs, ‘Escape Route’, ‘Native Tongue’ and ‘Tell Me It’s Okay’ are really good, ‘Escape Route’ feels like a throwback to earlier records in some ways and has the same kind of message on the record as ‘Grow Up’ which is on the Self Titled. ‘Native Tongue’ has a great beat to it and William’s writing style has progressed through every record and this really shows in these songs. ‘Tell Me It’s Okay’ is the highlight of the three tracks and I’m not surprised by it’s quick rise of popularity – but I do understand why they weren’t on the main record – the self titled is perfectly produced, and these would feel out of place.

Paramore’s live show has never really disappointed anyone, and the rest of the deluxe is made up of highlights from the album live, and the quality of William’s voice and the sound is really good throughout the live performances – can’t help but think that it’s time Paramore did a DVD, cos I think their live show is pretty good.

If you’re a Paramore fan, you’ll want this, if you wanna see a band that’s really progressed with their sound, Paramore is one of the bands to really go to – the ‘Self Titled’ life really suits Paramore, I look forward to what they do next.

You can hear the whole of the Self Titled on Spotify now.


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