Taylor Swift, Abigail Breslin and Boys.

I was once told, ‘Men are taught to think, Women are taught to feel’ – we are asked from a young age how to feel things, and men are taught not to – I’m not sure how true it is, but it does reflect the society we live in, according to recent research women are 31% more likely to give their number to a man with a guitar – maybe cos both the female and the male are fine with talking about their feelings – that’s the point of music, to be an outlet of emotions for anyone of any gender.

However recent criticisms of female singers have come to my attention, it seems that it is wrong for a woman to do exactly what people have taught them to do all their lives, feel something – upset and angry at their former relationships, something that men have been doing just as much and worse in some cases. Abigail Breslin was trending on Twitter last night due to the release of a track called ‘You Suck’ – a song that seems to suggest she’s discussing a certain member of Five Seconds Of Summer who dyes his hair a lot, which she hopes ‘falls out’ – Tumblr blowing up with critique of the new track and attacking her song – this doesn’t change the fact that bands even the one she name checks in the song (All Time Low, if you’ve not heard) aren’t particularly the kindest band to the women who they sing about.

Taylor Swift is also one of those people who attracts a lot of unwarranted attention for her songs, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ on ‘Red’ supposedly about the lead singer of One Direction, and ‘Shake It Off’ being about the constant barrage of crap the media give her about all the people she’s supposed to have dated, she’s often attacked for doing exactly what men do in music, her friend Ed Sheeran, wrote a track called ‘Nina’ on ‘X’ about his former girlfriend, a song explicitly about Nina Nesbitt and John Mayer was the first to confess his track ‘Paper Doll’ was about Taylor Swift on Ellen no less – and it seems incredibly sexist – Swift is never explicit about who she writes about and still judged for her songs, where is the judgemental attitudes towards these musicians?

I am not saying their perfect, no one is, Taylor Swift, someone who says ‘women should help other women’ has indicated ‘Bad Blood’ on 1989 is about another female singer (many say Katy Perry)  – why criticise another female singer in an industry where women breaking the glass ceiling is rare? And Abigail Breslin displays in her song some incredibly awful internalised misogyny, apparently he sings like a girl? It may have escaped her attention but she is also one of those.

Music is an expression of feeling no matter who you are, male or female, and should we judge women on how they express themselves, no, I don’t think so. However no matter what gender the musician, it’s never right to use music as a weapon to beat over the head the target of your anger, judge any musician for that, but don’t be mad at Abigail Breslin or Taylor Swift, be mad at anyone who use the power of melody to attack or guilt the people they once cared about, without having to do much research needed on figuring out the subject – in a time where information is at your fingertips this is easy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not right.


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