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Review: Skybound – Darkfall EP.

unnamed (2)Australian Post Hardcore band, Skybound release their EP, Darkfall in the US in a couple of weeks through new label We Are Triumphant – this will be the first recording for the band – though known already for breakdowns that kick butt  and killer riffs, Darkfall, already have a lot to live up to.

‘The Mockery’ the first track on the EP, has a really excellent introduction that really builds throughout the song, this leading to the synth sounds really work well with the screaming voice and drums in the song, which leads me to believe that We Are Triumphant have made an excellent choice in signing this band to it’s label, these synth sounds continue in ‘Liberation’ and really works well throughout the EP – you can tell the people in this band have experience of making melodies, with members coming from past musical endeavours.

‘Saint’s Vow’ where the vibe slows down to an extent with some really good drum work and some some great synth sounds, really cements this EP as very good, their ability to bring a new dynamic to a very busy genre, will be rewarded eventually, particularly on tracks like Desolate where there is an excellent balance of screaming and singing that works really well on this song.

Certainly worth giving a listen if you like bands such as Exotype and sounds like that, I suspect this Australian bunch will be doing good things in the future, with some great use of synth, bouncy breakdowns and some really excellent drum work, which really set them apart, you kinda wish there was more from this band.



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