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Review: Brian Hadsell – The Changing Of The Tides Sessions.

a1625439916_2San Francisco native, Brian Hadsell is a singer and songwriter and recently released his new EP, The Changing Of The Tides Sessions, which are some really refreshingly simple acoustic folk songs that you can find on his Bandcamp right now.

Hadsell’s three songs here, really show he has a great grip of melody with some really easy on the ear guitar tracks that are easy to like, accompanied by a unique and an interesting voice, it really stands out, this is helped by the good production values on this EP that really make this record sound as clear as a bell and make each song really shine perfectly.

Lyrically, Hadsell’s style is deep and thoughtful, though the songs are short, there’s a lot of emotion and detail in the songs that filters through with his voice really well, this is really shown on the first track, ‘The Sunrise’ however it’s pretty clear throughout the EP there’s a lot of thought in this EP, keeping it simple really works here.

This EP is definitely worth listening to if you like an acoustic sound and some simple but pretty guitar melodies, an elegant EP which really displays Hadsell’s talent really well, an EP that really deserves to be heard.


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