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Review: The Story Changes – Never In Daydream.

DaydreamCoverMade up of members of Hawthorne Heights, The Story Changes have a great background of excellent record making, with emo tendencies and melodies, I have high hopes for this new EP, which comes out on the 16th of December, Never In Daydream has a lot of high hopes, being the second release of the band.

Opening track, ‘Politics Behind It’ has a grand sound, with some heavy guitar riffs and some angsty vocals which really reflect the talent in the band, though very simplistic lyrically, it’s catchy and the melodies make up for it with some incredible sounds.

This song is followed by ‘Shedding Skin’ which has a great beat and rhythm to it, and really ups the game for the band, this really is an EP that draws you in, I don’t think sometimes the production values really reflect how good these songs are.

‘Silver Lining’ and ‘North Carolina’ the other half of this EP has a more thoughful and emo sound to it, with a melancholy to it with some great melodies that work well with the vocals, ‘North Carolina’ and ‘Politics Behind It’ are earworms in the making with a repetitive nature, whereas ‘Silver Lining’ has more concentration on the crashing guitars and rough and raw sound to the track that really works well for this band, it’s a really good drawing together of different sounds and styles that make up a really good collection of songs.

Certainly worth a listen if you like Hawthorne Heights, but also bands such as Citizen in some ways and bands of that style, there’s a rawness to this record that is really understated and really works well together. You can listen to ‘Politics Behind It’ at Dying Scene, the highlight for me on this EP and certainly well worth a listen, real proof that less is certainly more.



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