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Review: Miss Fortune, Call It Reckless and Against The Current – Epic Studios, Norwich 4/12/2014.

The bands last night. I have this dream one day there will be a tour just of kickass women playing music, headlining and supporting, and this show was the best rehearsal I’ve seen with some excellent local bands, supporting New Yorkers, Against The Current, who bring their pop rock sounds to Norwich, and I hope they return in the future.

Miss Fortune had some great melodies and sounds and really opened up the gig well, with some really good vocals between the lead and support vocalist that really gave a unique sound to their record. Throughout the set there was really great riffs going on that really were displayed well, though I felt they lacked presence, though I think they were added to the bill later and first on, but a band making some great music. Miss Fortune released their new single this week, go check it out!

If I’ve not told you once, if I’ve not told you twice, I really bloody like Call It Reckless, a band I feel that could really go places, with songs like ‘I Know Better’ and ‘Wishing’ this is a band with an edge and a great lead in Rachel Holland, who has a really strong vocal style and an energetic stage presence that really can begin to get a crowd going, great melodies, great vocals, this band is going into 2015 must be pretty pleased with themselves, with a new EP coming out in February of next year, I look forward to see what’s coming for this band.

Against The Current, do burst with energy, and certainly woke everyone up so easily and effortlessly, with an amazing lead in Chrissy Costanza who really does lead a band with a way that you think she was probably born performing, and the music is awesome, new tracks ‘Gravity’ and ‘Talk’ – a song being played for the first time on tour, which is being released on their new EP, but songs from their EP Infinity are excellent too, and covers of ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975 and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore are certainly done classily. Certainly worth going to see if you have the opportunity. If they are in your vicinity, just go. Now.

Definitely a great show with some amazing music, there’s certainly a huge amount of talent in Norwich right now, but there’s also a huge amount of talent to find in Against The Current, if you like bands such as Echosmith or This Century for example, this is the band for you, lyrical depth put to some amazing melodies, which is a good description of all the musicians tonight.

Thanks to Epic Studios for letting me in once again.



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