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Review: Atlas Losing Grip – Currents.

unnamed (3)Releasing their new album in the new year, Atlas Losing Grip are releasing their long-awaited album, their heavy metal sound returning with themes of struggle, Atlas Losing Grip have history with grandiose melodies and sounds that will progress on this record with new sounds from their musicians who created such good ones on the last record.

Lyrically throughout there’s incredibly poetic and deep lyrics that really show the emotional side of the lyricist, ‘Closure’ and ‘Kings And Fools’ really clearing out the personal demons through the songs and the guitars really work well with the guitars that make this work really well throughout the record. The opening riff sounding a little like the beginning of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sadman’ for a small part of the song.

Atlas Losing Grip may make you think on the first note that this is going to be a walk in the park but this record is certainly not with crashing guitars that hit you right in the ears and some melodies that really are a very solid sound, songs like ‘Cynosure’ and ‘Sinking Ship’ really reflect that with some great soaring sounds that really work with the vocals on this record, this is particularly clear on a song like ‘Nemesis’ as well which is cleverly put together to draw the listener.

There’s some really good songs on this album, though sometimes it doesn’t all seem to fit well together, there’s definitely some metal influences but it lacks a real heaviness to the record that I expected from this record and previous sounds, there’s definitely a great lyricist here with a real depth here that doesn’t disappoint particularly on songs like ‘Closure’ which is a soft acoustic guitar that really works well together, it just lacks a little direction. The record builds throughout in sound and works together well, with great production.

It’s a good record with some really great guitars and vocals, this band are certainly on the road to progress, I look forward to see what they become in the future. Atlas Losing Grip are on tour across Mainland Europe next month and February.



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