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Review: Calling All Heroes – Origins EP.

10410616_810563058990282_2716861568427129176_nWelsh Rockers, Calling All Heroes recently released their new EP ‘Origins’ independently, known for some some great riffs and some great female vocals, the new EP’s release is a merging of the band’s favourite genres and it’s done really well on this EP.

Opening track ‘The Revolution’ has a great chorus that I’m sure anyone can join in with, with some really great guitars that really work with the vocals – this band certainly know how to write a song. The vocals seem quite feminine but that works here, and works well making some great melodies.

‘The Boy And Girls Of Misery’ the lead single from the EP is really good, with a good combination of screaming voices and singing – this is also a song where the drums are really accentuated creating a really good beat to the song and continuing the fashion with the writing with some great choruses here, this continues really throughout the EP ‘Against All Odds’ is another example on this record.

This band have created something pretty special here, with a bringing together of different vocals, some brilliant riffs and melodies that really make you wanna listen to everything they’ve ever made. Calling All Heroes are certainly one to watch and I look forward to seeing how this melding of genres works more in the future.



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