Albums You Should Own: Part II.

anigif12The Second half of 2014 really has seen some amazing records being released all over the place, with some bands releasing new works and band releasing their highly anticipated debuts,  this is the follow up to my first article covering the first half of the year – these are the top five from the last six months.

Bloodstone & Diamonds – Machine Head – Machine Head kicking butt recently with their new record Bloodstone & Diamonds, with some amazing lyrics and incredible melodies – the riffs are ruthless and the use of violins at the beginning of the record works incredibly well on the record – where even bands who have a violinist in the band don’t make it work so well. Certainly the best metal album of the year, Bloodstone & Diamonds is an incredibly well made album.

White Noise – Pvris – Pvris is one of the rising stars on the scene and this album is the kind of album you wanna begin your vocation with, with some amazing songs like Ghost, My House and of course St Patrick’s, this record is a record you can dance to, you can mosh to, it’s just an awesome record, led by some amazing female vocals with Lynn Gunn, Pvris are going to have an amazing 2015, and I look forward to seeing it.

Resurrection – New Found Glory – Resurrection, their first record released through Hopeless, and what a flippin’ record it is, it’s an incredible pop punk album that really displays some amazing hooks, catchy melodies and the guitars work together so well, it’s just perfectly made, songs that stand out for me are ‘One More Round’, ‘Vicious Love’ and ‘Selfless’ New Found Glory certainly made an album to come back for here and certainly worth giving a listen.

Die On Stage – Hostage Calm – Hostage Calm broke up shortly after the release of their last record, but really this is an album you wanna finish on. This record really has some great riffs and melodies, songs that get stuck in your head, like ‘When You Know’ the opener on the record, and ‘Raised’ are just two examples of songs on this record which are just awesome – produced by the same person who produced ‘Rooms Of The House’ by La Dispute, it was always going to be pretty good musically, but Hostage Calm really brought it on their final for now record.

Marmozets – Weird & Wonderful Marmozets – Just finishing a tour with Taking Back Sunday and a US tour with Issues on the Journey’s Noise Tour, Marmozets are certainly making their mark right now, and this album is a damn good reason why, with some great songs, talented musicians and songs that will get into your head, this album is just good, and the female vocals are just so different to any you can hear right now, that really set this band and record apart.

Special mentions: Night Years by Cut Teeth is also a hell of a record, Blood and Lemonade by American Hi-Fi, High Noon by Arkells, and Little Machines by Lights were also awesome records recently and worth checking out.

Disagree? Agree?! Feel free to comment below.


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