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Review: Gardens – Death In The Family.

unnamed (4)Chicago’s Gardens release their new album soon, and are streaming it on Property of Zack right now, the band known for their raw guitar tones and driving rhythms are releasing their debut album after their recent EP release and there is a lot of anticipation for this record. You can listen to the album here.

There’s definitely some great musicians here, with some interesting riffs that really strengthen the vocals, songs like ‘Sleep’ where the guitars are simple but clever which with the lyrics works perfectly, and when the guitars come in later in the song with a crashing blow, it’s unexpected but definitely excellently executed, reminiscent of bands such as Seahaven for example.

Lyrically, this record is well crafted with some intense and emotional songs throughout the record, tracks like ‘Winter’ are great and opening track ‘Wake’ is also excellent, there’s strong melodies throughout the record which show the words to their strongest, the record has a slow pace but it’s so easy to listen to, ‘Lost At Sea’ is a perfect example of that with some light guitars and a great rhythm that really is a theme throughout the record.

This album is certainly worth a listen if you like bands such as Seahaven and the softer sides to bands like Citizen for example, it has a raw guitar edge that works perfectly throughout the record, and the vocals from Glyman work really well, it’s sometimes lacks energy however there’s a rise and fall to this record brought by the guitars more than anything which really make this record great.

A raw record and a great effort from these guys, they’re definitely a band I’d like to see play this record live as there’s a sound to this record which make it feel like a record you want to see being played live in front of you.



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