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Review: Farewell My Love – Wrapped Up In Pinstripes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.28.36 AMFarewell My Love recently released a Christmas EP, ‘Wrapped Up In Pinstripes’ which is five songs long and about nineteen minutes of music, released on December 9th, the band were part of Alternative Press’ list of bands that you should know in 2014, so how good are they entering 2015? Let’s see!

The EP for a Christmas EP is well written and the acoustic sound certainly works for the singer, the vocals being crystal clear throughout the EP with an almost quite sweet vocal and it makes this EP very easy to listen to, particularly tracks like ‘Skip The Memories’ which has this melody that if the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ was acoustic, it would probably sound something like this song.

‘Portraits’ has a very dramatic sound to it, and really works perfectly together with the vocals of Chad Kowal, whose voice works damn well on this EP – in my opinion this EP is reminiscent of bands such as Fearless Vampire Killers and Set It Off, who have a sound quite similar to this record and they do it just as well as this band do. ‘Paper Forts’ also really displays great melodies and awesome vocals combined with really enjoyable writing – it’s certainly an EP that plays to the band’s strengths.

The melodies throughout the EP are really something, they work well with the style of the band the guitar works great with the song, for an EP like this, it’s really well thought out and production wise, it sounds great – though most of the songs don’t really feel like Christmas songs, it doesn’t really matter as I think this record sounds really good any time of the year. I hope this isn’t the last acoustic thing they do, you can hear it here.



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