Tumblr Tuesday!

Tumblr Tuesdays: Roads To Nowhere.

Roads To Nowhere as taken by www.djeimages.co.uk.

Roads To Nowhere as taken by http://www.djeimages.co.uk (Taken from Facebook).

Chippenham natives, Roads To Nowhere have quite the following online, and this comes as no surprise to me, with the track on their bandcamp ‘Beneath’ – thier latest single, which you can find here and you can also find the music video for the song on Youtube.

Roads To Nowhere have some insanely brutal guitars, drums that kick your eardrums in and vocals that really sound they come from Satan’s Pit, and that’s just for starters, with a great production level which makes every layer of music sound as clear as a bell, which just make it easier to see just how much talent there is in this band.

Formed in 2010, Roads To Nowhere have grown on their local scene with great reviews including this one which really shows this band are as good live as they on their recorded work, particularly tracks from their EP ‘Dead World’ – which has highlights that include tracks such as ‘Dignity’, ‘Sharks’ and ‘In Years Past’ – all of these have some great melodies and riffs throughout that will make you want more from this band. After an explosive year of touring and gigging this band really are set to make 2015 their own.

Certainly a band that really know how to make noise, Roads To Nowhere are a  band that is worth checking out if you like bands such as Upon A Burning Body or Climates (two bands this band have supported recently!) Then you’ll love this band, you can find out more on their bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter.



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