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Review: The Cinema – Talking In Your Sleep.

tiysThe Cinema, which is made up of members from Lydia, another band on 8123, are releasing their new album, ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ next week, known for their ethereal vocals and easy melodies, The Cinema have some great tracks, ‘Kill It’ being a highlight from previous recordings, I expect good things from this record.

The Cinema has always had some pretty good melodies and it’s pretty clear that this is the case throughout the record particularly on songs like ‘Crazy’ that really stands out due to it’s beat and ‘Ghost’ is really great, with a beat that won’t be difficult to dance to at all, this feels like a change of direction this record for the band and it’s certainly not a bad thing at all, particularly on tracks like the eponymous track ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ too.

The collaborations on this record are excellent as well, the use of Mindy White’s voice (Lead singer of States, and former lead singer of this band) in ‘Punchline’ is excellent and works great on the track, in fact ‘Punchline’ is one of the highlights on the record for me and certainly worth a listen, ‘Turn It On’ with Aaron Marsh works really well too – certainly a band who really can make the best out of those they collaborate with.

This album is really good, with some great beats and vocals that really work through out the record – but this album has drops in it, that work perfectly well on this record too. Certainly worth a listen if you like music such as Lights and Lydia for example, this isn’t a record that disappoints in my opinion. Produced pretty much perfectly, the whole record works really great together . Buy for tracks, ‘Crazy’, ‘Punchline’ and ‘Ghost’ but I don’t think you’ll dislike a single track on this record.

You can listen to a preview of the whole album here.



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