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Review: Days Like Today – We’re Only Human EP.

unnamed (5)Days Like Today released their latest recordings on the 12th of December, the new EP, ‘We’re Only Human’ has seven tracks from the Toronto natives who are known for their emotional lyrics and punchy drum work, two things they do excellently on this new EP.

There’s definitely some great writing here from the beginning with an angst to it many can’t match, particularly on tracks such as ‘Hourglass’ which has some great guitars that perfectly well with the vocals brought by this band, Gallagher’s rough vocals really bringing a unique sound to the EP – and with the great production shown on this record, the band are showcased really well.

Another highlight of the EP, ‘Second Chances’ is another great example of everything really coming together really well, with a great riff going on throughout the track and a drum beat that really creates an awesome beat for the song, not to mention the writing which definitely has a way of getting into your head. ‘Last Call’ also is a highlight of the EP with a great use of melodies and a crashing drop in the track that makes you pay attention to this record – this EP feels very personal all the way through and has a rawness to it, even though it has some really great production.

Certainly worth a listen if you like pop punk, there’s definitely a huge amount of talent here with some great riffs going on through the record and melodies aplenty. I think there’s still a need here to make their own sound, though talented it reminds me of many other bands in the genre, and there really needs to be something that sets you apart in a genre with so many doing the same kind of thing.

If you wanna hear the EP you can head to their Bandcamp right now and give it a listen.



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