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Review: Nick Santino – Savannah EP.

nick-santinoNick Santino, who has just finished a holiday tour with We Are The In Crowd has just released his new EP, Savannah through 8123, known for a more country vibe these days after debut album release ‘Big Skies’, Nick Santino has created a unique sound unto himself with an acoustic style that he does pretty well live as much as he does on record.

‘Madeline’ is one of my favourite songs on this EP, with a great melody and lyrics, something that really is a strength for Santino, whose has always had a pretty good way with words on record with former band, A Rocket To The Moon and on his work so far on EP’s and his album, there’s a great sincerity to his work and I think that really reflects well on this EP. The artwork reflecting the great simplicity of the record it seems.

There’s other highlights too, including ‘How To Live With A Ghost’ which has a more folky sound to it, and ‘That Old Carolla’ which has a great vibe to it, even through it’s melancholic sound, reflecting on his youth – something that sometimes does feel wheeled out too often to write songs about, but this musical trope works well here, the vocals work perfectly here and all the songs tie well together with a great production on every song on the EP.

Definitely worth a listen if you like country sounds done really well, it’s a very calming sound made here by Nick Santino and worth giving a chance if not your usual sound – 2014 has been a great year for Nick Santino and one of change, but he seems to be finding his feet pretty darn well, long may it continue.



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