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Review: Tyler Carter – Leave Your Love EP.

unnamed (6)Issues lead singer, Tyler Carter has recently released a stream of his new EP, Leave Your Love, coming from a not so Issues sound, the new EP has a more DJ based sound, if you’re looking for something like Issues, this is the wrong place to find it, however song like Tears On The Runway and Georgia have really begun to display just how versatile Carter is.

The EP opens with Sophisticated which is kinda the typical ‘I’m a bad boy and she likes that’ you get a lot in music, it’s a quite well trodden out trope, however the EP picks up more later with songs that include the eponymous track ‘Leave Your Love’ and ‘Georgia’ which do sound more sophisticated than the first track on this record, with more depth to the lyrics and some really great beats that really does make this EP interesting to listen to.

One of the things that sets Issues apart is Tyler Carter’s voice and it’s on point on this EP with a really smooth voice and some awesome vocals throughout all these songs, he’s always had an excellent range and on this EP he can really display that to it’s best on this record and with a mix of styles particularly on tracks like ‘So Slow’ and ‘Georgia’ where the styles are so different they both really work well and each song really does compliment one another.

This EP is a good starting point in this sound, there’s some great vocals and some really interesting beats which are reminiscent of people like Hoodie Allen for example, definitely worth listening to. ‘Tears On The Runway Pt. 1’ and ‘Leave Your Love’ being the highlights to me on this EP.

You can find a stream of the whole EP on Alternative Press right now.



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