Albums To Look Forward To In 2015.

2015 is almost upon us, in a few days we’ll be entering hopefully an even better year for great records, 2014 being a great year for bands such as Pvris, Marmozets, New Found Glory, anyone on Pure Noise Records (that label has had such a good year) with records from Forever Came Calling, Front Porch Step and No Bragging Rights standing out. These are some of the record that are ahead that will definitely get some attention.

All Time Low according to bassist Zack Merrick will release their new album in March, which even if it’s critically unacclaimed will get attention, with huge tours across Europe and the UK coming up in February and March – hugely popular with great choruses and some awesome melodies thanks to Alex Gaskarth, this record will probably be everywhere, let’s be honest – the follow up to Don’t Panic which certainly should have been the album that should have followed Nothing Personal, I think personally this record will up the game of the band, who have worked with Mark Hoppus in the studio for this record.

Pierce The Veil also will release a record in 2015, and according to sources in January before a tour in the UK with Sleeping With Sirens and Issues. Pierce The Veil will be following up on their last album Collide With The Sky, which is brilliant, and I suspect this album will be just as good, known for some emotive lyrics and sophisticated guitars which bring styles excellently together, this will be one of the albums based on prior records to look out for in 2015 – Pierce The Veil also will be on tour across the US with Mallory Knox next year with Pvris as support as well, which sounds like a tour to go to. I’m a bit jealous.

The Summer Set will release the follow up to Legendary in 2015, and is in the process of writing I believe right now, Legendary was a pretty damn good record with some awesome hooks and choruses, though I wasn’t sure Fearless was really place for them (I’m still not sure) this band have really brought something different to the label, certainly worth waiting for coming into 2015.

British band Under The Influence who have been rising to acclaim recently and release their new record The Struggle in the new year, which after seeing them live with Chunk! No Captain Chunk recently I’m sure is going to be excellent, there’s a new EP from pop rock trio Against The Current who just had their first UK tour, and the Gravity EP sounds good from what I’ve heard of it live. Enter Shikari release The Mindsweep in the new year as well, which from the preview songs sounds pretty awesome so far. The Maine will release of course the follow up to Forever Halloween which let’s be honest should have been AP’s Album Of The Year as it was top of the Alternative Press Reader’s Poll for a year. A whole year. 

Of course Deluxe Editions of Cult, Bayside’s newest record will be released, which sounds pretty good, Happiness Is, the latest offering from Taking Back Sunday will be extended and released on February 24th, which will be of interest to hear.

Just a few that have caught my attention, what are you looking forward to in 2015? Let me know in the comments.


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