Bands To Look Out For In 2015.

Six British bands I think are going to be relevant in 2015 and links to all their facebook pages so you have absolutely no excuse to not know these guys by 2016.

1. Under The Influence – 2014 was a good year for this band, supporting Chunk! No Captain Chunk in France, the band’s home show and then shows in the UK, this band are just beginning to go places and with album, ‘The Struggle’ coming out this month, expect to hear great things about this band in 2015. Under The Influence will be touring the UK in February.

2. As It Is – Signed by Fearless Records in 2014 and supporting The Summer Set on a few dates in the UK, this band are going to be having a busy year in 2015, spending their summer on Warped Tour and touring the UK wih Save Your Breath, Europe with Trophy Eyes. I suspect this year is going to be good year for these guys, and a good year for Fearless as a whole, certainly a band to keep an eye on in the new year.

3. Ducking Punches – This band has had an awesome last year mixed with some tragedy, however in 2015, I’m sure they will come out swinging, as this band are bloody awesome. Touring with Frank Turner and playing Download Festival just being some highlights of 2014, this band can do great things this year. Great musicians and a great new record in, ‘Dance Before You Sleep’ Ducking Punches are pretty awesome live too.

4. Milk Teeth – I really like this band, I probably talk about them too much to be honest, but they are a just that good. Recently on tour with Balance and Composure, Milk Teeth have a great sound and some awesome vocals, and certainly deserve to have a bigger fanbase. Milk Teeth are on tour in January across England, go check them out if you can.

5. The One Hundred – One of my favourite support bands last year with Hacktivist, The One Hundred I hope are going to have an awesome 2015, with a relentless energy and a great EP, ‘Subculture’ that came out in September of 2014. Certainly worth watching live as well, which you can do in a couple of places in January and at Takedown Festival, I hope 2015 sees this band get some more attention.

6. Yearbook – Another great band I saw support this year,  in this case Lower Than Atlantis, Yearbook’s EP Old Bones is awesome and a new album coming up in 2015, Yearbook are going to into the history books (I’m so sorry).  Excellent live and worth checking out when they put up tour dates eventually. You would have to be a fool to miss this band.



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