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Review: Palisades – Mind Games.

palisadesPalisades, who you might have heard on the recent Pop Goes Punk compilation singing ‘Happy’, will be releasing their new album next week, ‘Mind Games’ through Rise Records, the band known as electronic hardcore, are really one of few bands in their genre, however Rise Records have been making ground in this area with Palisades and bands such as an Exotype doing similar things.

Collaborations on this records include, Champs, Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and Blackbear, the last one works really well, with an awesome beat, and a solid sound running through the song, and ‘People Like Us’ with Rapp is a great song, and doesn’t feel like a hardcore song until the drums which are pretty darn intense on this song and that screaming begins, this song certainly picks up a little. ‘Mind Games’ the eponymous track is a collaboration with Champs, and blends heavy and light styles really well – I’m not sure what Palisades are trying to be on this record.

Other highlights on this record are, ‘No Chaser’ which has a great melody and you could probably hear something like that in the mainstream to be honest, which is something that runs throughout this record, many songs seem like you’ve kinda heard them before somewhere else, ‘Whatever You Want It To Be’ stands out as a great combination of electronic and hardcore, and feels one of the most on target tracks on this record, ‘Afraid’ also really reflects that combination really well.

The vocals are easy to listen to and definitely easy on the ears, and the screaming is good and used in the right places giving this record a good balance, the drumwork building on the electronic sound really does help this record set it apart, as it wouldn’t feel like a hardcore record without those coming in from time to time.

It’s worth a listen if you like electronic music and not so much the hardcore, there’s some great drum work here and some screaming, but I feel it needs to do more to really set itself as an example in a not so busy genre of music. The collaborations with Rapp and Blackbear are the highlights for me, check them out for the best of this record with ‘No Chaser’ thrown in for good measure.



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