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Review: Sound Sleeper – A Perfect Sea For Drowning.

ss-apsfd-650pxFollowing a trend of members of other bands, creating other bands to do different kind of work, I don’t think yet it’s been a bad thing, and Sound Sleeper are no exception, released through Limited Fanfare records, A Perfect Sea For Drowning, has a unique sound that really reflects the time working on it, being released three years after the initial concept.

The melodies are excellent throughout, particularly on the two opening tracks with a great sound and vocals, their is a good simplicity on this EP works incredibly well – though the songs are sometimes very short with one song only being about 90 seconds long, which I will assume is called ‘You Wreck Me’ as the line is a major part of the lyrics, the sound of the song making up for the lyrical quality, with a nice acoustic sound and violins working in the background. (It’s called Let Me, just in case you wanted to know).

The production quality on this EP really has worked to this band’s strengths and really accentuates all the sounds on this EP, making each part really clear and easy to listen to, if you like easy listening and acoustic, I’ll be surprised if you don’t like this, ‘Chinese Firedrill Underwater’ being a really clear example of this on this EP, with everything really on show with some amazing clarity, however this is clear throughout the record.

It’s really well made and definitely worth the wait after a long time in the making, you can hear some of the tracks over on Limited Fanfare’s Soundcloud. There’s a huge amount of talent in a short amount of time here, the violins really contribute to this record and the vocals are so good, Martinez was really made to be a singer with a voice like that. Give it a listen.



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