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Review: Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep.

The Mindsweep - Enter Shikari Cover ArtEnter Shikari release their new record next week, The Mindsweep. The anticipated record already has had some singles released from it, for example ‘The Last Garrison’ to give us a clue as to the sound of the record, and you can hear the whole record here.

The political nature of the record isn’t particularly shocking looking at Rou Reynold’s tweets, and the environmental message coming straight from this record, makes this album distinct in itself, and the use of Spoken Word at the beginning really shows the thought put into this record from the beginning, this is clear on The Appeal and The One True Colour – the first two tracks on the record.

‘The Last Garrison’ is a great first single but unrepresentative of the whole record, it fits altogether really perfectl though with such an awesome mix of styles and great beats throughout this record, particularly on this song. Anaesthetist also stands out (the song before The Last Garrison), and I’m not surprised why Reynolds in a recent interview with Rocksound worried that he might die before it was done, cos it’s a phenomenal record.

The vocals are pretty epic as well, with some a great mix of singing on songs like ‘Torn Apart’ but the screaming on ‘Myopia’ and the combination of vocals on tracks like ‘The Bank Of England’ are pretty incredible, giving this record a great range, however this is something that has been standing out since I knew who Enter Shikari were (just listen to Sorry, You’re Not A Winner) – this band have a great talent for this and are certainly one of the best at the sound they make on their records.

This album is brilliant from the start with different and unique ways of delivering a very important message and some awesome beats that work throughout the tracks with vocals that work incredibly well altogether, it’s the first album of the year I would say you really need to have in your collection when it comes out next week. This year is gonna be a good year for Enter Shikari, and this record will be amazing live which is great as they’re on tour across Europe from today, and will be touring the US throughout March.




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