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Review: Southlakes, Boston Manor, Choir Vandals and Moose Blood – Epic Studios, Norwich – 16/01/2015.

WP_20150117_001Moose Blood are on their first headlining tour across the UK right now, and definitely worth checking out with some really good support on tour with them (Southlakes are local support, so you won’t see them, but they are also excellent, you can find them on facebook here) you can also find Moose Blood’s tour dates on this post.

Southlakes caught my attention early in their short set with the line ‘occupation, just a complete fucking disaster’ – it’s taken from ‘Hello, I’m Glad You Exist’ which really stood out today. Southlakes have some good lyrics and some really good guitars that works really well with their style, reminiscent of bands such as Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate (that was the band that came to mind), Southlakes are a very talented bunch of guys from Norwich and you can hear them on their bandcamp – worth a listen if you like good melodies and provoking lyrics.

Boston Manor, hailing from Blackpool came on stage with tremendous energy and really brought some excellent beats to the gig with a passion not really rivalled by the other bands. Of the support were the highlight – definitely a great talent from the UK that reminded me of the energy and rawness of bands such as Citizen and that style, Boston Manor certainly are a band that more people should giving more attention too. Choir Vandals, the first support really displayed the guitars live like they did on their EP, released late last year, coming on stage with a great energy and an intensity to fit as much as possible in, it was an interesting set of few words and a lot of action.

Moose Blood, are an excellent band and really make a mark live, with a really good set (which I was happy that it included, Swim Down)  these are songs are short and bittersweet and played live well, I’m not sure if they are captivating but their live show is good with a good setlist that would make a fan happy, and new fans included with much of the set coming from the new record, definitely proving ‘I Hope You’re Miserable’, is made for a live set. However, maybe it was a tough crowd but it didn’t feel like there was a point where the dynamic changed and it felt almost rushed with the gig finishing a little past ten.

Some excellent sets tonight with some great talent brought together, well worth seeing for some great sing alongs from the headliner and relentless energy from the support.



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